Will It Cable?

In the spirit of the brilliant Will It Blend series of web videos, I present:

Will it Cable?

I’ll be keeping (or at least trying to keep) a running tally of how the yarns I’ve tried to cable have turned out. Some yarns just don’t quite work out with being stretched and bullied in to strange shapes. Here are my findings so far:

– Cascade 220: YES. I figured this world renowned work horse of wool would be great for nice complicated pieces of cable work and wasn’t disappointed. I used some leftovers I had on the Luckenbooth cable from The Girl from A.U.N.T.I.E’s site. It’s been some time since I did it, but it’s held up very well. The stitches have remained nice and clear and didn’t get all wonky when being stretched. (example below)

Classic Elite Sky Tweed: YES, BUT…I didn’t really do anything crazy with this stuff, and it was still getting kind of fighty. Just a 6 stitch left cable. The bordering purls stretched out almost right away, and I had to use a whole new type of purl stitch to keep them in check. Still, tweed always looks awesome in cables, so it gets a pass. With a smaller gague it should be fine.

Knit Picks Merino Style: YES. I *love* how this comes out. Fuzzy and soft while staying nice and clear. Can’t wait to do a big project with it. (example below)

Knit Picks Swish Superwash: NOT RECOMMENDED. I’m regretting making this my first choice for Shedir. The plys are drifting away from one another, blurring certain bands of the really intricate braid. Also, the stitch deffinition is not tight enough (even on these size 3 needles) to really bring out the best in these cables. I’m gonna finish the hat, but to everyone else out there, I’d look elsewhere for your intricate cableing wools.

Siridar Snuggly Tiny Tots: NOT RECOMMENDED. Come on, folks. It’s acrylic. Right off the bat it’s pretty clear this isn’t going to be your first go to for cabling. In it’s defense, I didn’t think this purely synthetic yarn would have any pop to the cables, but I think they’re showing up quite nicely. This was originally given a “Yes, but…” rating, but now that I am about to complete the sweater and am realizing that adding cables completely destroyed the gague and now it won’t fit the intended recipient, I’m chancing this to a “Not Recommended.” It doesn’t look terrible, but will do terrible terrible things to the fit.

 But in all honesty, cableing is the least of your worries. This stuff is murder on the hands

More as I cable!

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