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Tatting Adventures Two: The Two Shuttles

August 9, 2007

Two steps forward and one step back. I went through my various crafting supplies and got some semblance of order to them. I separated the embroidery stuff from the decoupage stuff and put my knitting needles in their own plastic container. I also put all the new crochet thread I got at the still going out of business Rag Shop in to it’s own little basket along with my precious tatting shuttles (the plastic Clover brand ones come in packs of two). I *have* actually done a little bit of tatting since the blog post, but I’m really still just practicing rings. Mine are still a little sloppy and I’m not even sure I’m closing the rings the way I’m supposed to.

Along with the organizational tools I bought today, I picked up The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery by Mildred Graves Ryan (I am a huge fan of both the word “stitchery” and the name Mildred so really how could I pass this up?) using a gift certificate to Michaels I got for my birthday. This book is hella awesome, talking about all sorts of different embroidery, crochet and knitting, including some stitch patterns for knitting not covered in my Vogue Stitchionary. At least…that’s all I thought the book had, and wouldn’t that be enough?, but lo and behold….

There’s a chapter on tatting! Oh happy day!

Naturally, I had to bust out the shuttles right away and put some effort in to advancing my tatting skillz. Time to join some rings…

I merrily made my way up to the first picot, but when it was finally time to commence the joining maneuver I caught a case of the fail. I managed to snap this picture after about three attempts to move my hands the correct way. I can’t even tell you what I was doing the first two times….there was a figure eight and a foot involved. That’s right. My foot. I tried to pull one of the threads with my foot but…yeah anyway this one looked about right so I recorded it for posterity. I don’t think it was because, while I eventually ended up with two closed rings stuck together, there’s this crazy twist that my knitter’s eye can see and it is driving me crazy. But I’m close! This is still a very fun little hobby to have in my arsenal, and the Encyclopedia actually has some patterns for edging. I’m thinking a gaudy old lady felted purse with bright yellow tatted lace hanging on it might be in my future…


Useless Tat

July 16, 2007

I really shouldn’t be allowed near craft stores. All needed was fabric glue. Seriously. And yet…somehow…I ended up walking out of the Michaels with some blue crochet thread and…wait for it….

A tatting shuttle.

I really have no idea what a tatting shuttle was doing at Michaels considering….well no one tatts anymore. But I was going to try, damnit.

I’ve had a fascination with tatting for awhile now…mostly because it strikes me as absolutely futile. It’s lace…but all you can make are circles…with little loops off the side. Yipee….What are you actually going to *make* with your mad tatting skillz? You can’t tat a hat. You can’t tat a sweater. I guess you could tat a scarf, but it would be pretty useless. Yet even with all this haterism going through my mind, I wanted to learn to tat.

The first attepmt was such a failure I can’t even tell you. My finger got stuck in the second half of the loop and I stabbed my finger really bad on the picot catcher, but…It was actually *really really fun*! Impalement wounds and all!


I was getting closer and closer with every try, but I just couldn’t close the ring….All my bad. I was pulling the wrong damned string, and soon enough….

BAM! Closed ring!

 Now the idea is to chain multiple rings in to a kind of lace medallion. In my mind, something like that would go on to a purse or hat or somesuch as embellishment.

 If there’s anyone else out there who wants to pick up this easy and fun craft of yesteryear, the best resources I found for learning how to do it were here.

This new skill cost me less than $10 buck to learn. Thanks, sale at Michaels!