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I actually did it…

February 19, 2008

…I finished the sweatervest that I designed all by myself. Sure it isn’t the most complex or pretty thing in the world. You’d never see it in a magazine. But it’s just what I wanted. Something red, classy, and cute to wear that I made all by myself.


As for the technicalities, it’s three balls and change of Rowan Felted Teed in their beautiful red color on Knitpick Options size 7s. That central cable is from the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (Barbara Walker), and I sort of researched the basics of shaping and making a v-neck from several different vest and sweater patterns.

I can’t wait to block it. The last time I blocked a Rowan-yarn sweater it got even nicer, so I’m waiting to see what this lovely tweed will do.

I’m sort of between full-sized projects right now (debating if I should do another sweater or start some lace), but I will be picking up the new IK today. There’re like 8 patterns minimum that I’d *love* to make (I have a thing with cardigans and layers in general), but I want to clear out more stash before I buy another sweater of yarn.


A Commitment

January 8, 2008

I have too much yarn. I am not a horder. I’m honestly starting to feel trapped under it. The guilt that comes along with receiving new yarn is no fun at all. Time for a change. I’m gonna ignore that gift certificate for awhile (::cries::) and focus on what I already have.

First off, the red Felted Tweed. I could kick myself for ignoring it for so long. It’s a pretty color and makes a great fabric (I’m really developing a soft spot for the Rowan yarns), and a good DK weight. When I saw it, I immediately thought sweater-vest and now it’s finally on the needles. I’m really winging it here, so it’ll probably be awhile before it’s appreciably far along (I’m not even through the first cable chart yet), but I think it’ll look great and it’s a good opportunity to test my “freestyle” skills. And I would just like to say that the Knitpicks Options needles I’m using (yay for Christmas) are crazy fast. SCARY fast. I really motor along until the cable, but even that doesn’t take too long.

Then there’s socks. Honestly, my sock stash isn’t THAT bad and most of it has specific projects waiting for it. The problem is LEFTOVERS. What the eff am I gonna do with like 90 yards of sock yarn. I’ve been kicking around ideas for some franken-socks, but not all of it has a destination. I need to fix that.

I onlt have two sweater groups of yarn left, thank God. One of them is the zip-up hoodie that’s been hibernating. I miss it! I want to work on it again, but it’s just such a slog right now since I’m on the raglan increases (again, I’m winging it on this) that I get distracted really easily from it. Once I incorporate the cool cable design, I think my interest will be at a high again. The other is part of my Ghost of Acrylic past grouping, to an extent. 6 balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease that I’ve decided is gonna turn in to a big sack-out house sweater using EZ’s Wishbone pattern from Knitter’s Almanac. Think I’ll be struck down for using an acrylic blend? I hope not. I *really* need a good around the house pullover.


Something to write about

June 26, 2007

I finally have something that seems to merit a knitting blog. I recently discovered the magic of the top-down-raglan sweater. This seems like the perfect way for me to get in to creating the kind of sweaters that I really want to knit for myself…
But GOD FORBID I start off easy. No no. For my first self designed sweater, I’m making a zip-front hoodie. The main body is a nice minty-green, and there will be a contrasting side stripe in a soft yellow. But again! Too easy! That contrasting strip will be decorated with this cable pattern. Also, I’m making it out of the super-affordable Knitpicks Merino style, so even if I completely fuck it up and end up with a three armed monstrosity, I’m only out like 20 bucks.
Knitting is one of the few crafty, creative things that I have any skill at all with. Knitting cable patterns is a bit tricky, but I seem capable of keeping my head on straight and just following the chart. I love the look and texture of cables, but quite frankly most cable knit sweaters look like large potato sacks. This is a way of adding a little cabling to something I’m actually going to wear.
I tested out the cable already and it’s not too far out there that I’m going to screw up on it when it’s show time. Take a look:

It’s got a nice level of complexity to it without making me want to stab myself. That’s a pretty good likeness of the color, as well. I’m really excited to get started on this. I’ve almost got the math figured out, too.

BUT! First I need to finish the puff-sleeve cardigan I’m working on. I just need two more raglan increase sets and I can finally get to work on the body. I hope those will be done by tomorrow if not tonight.