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All humans have a need to be creative. When we are children many of us have the good fortune to have our creativity fostered in art classes, where little boys and girls get to play with paints and clay and express themselves.

 I managed to suck in every medium put in front of me. All my creative ideas ended up looking so wrong on the paper or clay item I’d made that I was just embarassed. After years of resigning myself to thinking I’d never be able to do any of those lovely visual crafts, I picked up crochet and knitting. It’s been a great release for me, helping me lose some of that bitterness left over from my middle school art class “pity B’s.”

My favorite projects are hats and sweaters, and I’m starting to get a taste for designing my own patterns. I’ve also been bitten by the sock bug, but that’s okay since I’m told that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash 🙂


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  1. I completely understand. I too was absolutely miserable at drawing, painting, I actually glued myself to a collage, my pottery is unspeakable. For my compulsory high school art credit I took music (where I made my teacher miserable with my high pitched C notes).

    My mother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was little, but I had small and impatient hands. I relearned a few years ago and have not looked back! My friends actually look forward to my knitted gifts – so far hats, fingerless gloves, mittens, socks. Socks are the best! They look so complicated, but are incredibily simple and straight forward (don’t know how that works…). I love the wool that’s dyed to make stripes and patterns when knitting socks (and mittens). I haven’t tried sweaters yet (I need quicker thrills), but I am currently obsessed with crochetting.

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