Stash Audit

May 5, 2008

Chugging away on a minimum of three different projects right now, but somehow I’m managing to make good progress on all of them. Doesn’t hurt that my “At computer” project is one of the speediest things I’ve ever made.

Here’s the first in a set of Filigree gloves from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves. I’m the first on Ravelry to have a picture of the elbow length version up, and I have to say I was a little worried about how they’d turn out. First of all, the directions for that lovely openwork stitch pattern at a bit confusing when you first get a look at them. I remember starting the first glove, finishing the purl row-knit row-purl row cuff, looking at the stitch pattern and literally blinking at it in confusion like a cartoon character. I set the glove down, made a cup of tea, and sat back for a few minutes looking from the glove, to the directions, back to the glove. First few tries were pure failure, but now that I’ve got it right, I feel kinda stupid for not getting it right away. Something about the wording must have set off the “lol wut?” part of my brain.

As to the yarn I’m using (Rowan Handknit cotton) it’s, as usual, a substitution, but the yarn called for is also  100% cotton, so I figured it’d be a justifiable substitute. I was nervous about how well the mitt would hold its shape in the cotton, like if it would stretch out so bad it’d end up around my wrist, but it seems to be gripping nicely. One thing I could do without is that they *really* seem to have overestimated the yarn amount. It took my less than 1 skien to make one elbow length mitt. Whit any luck the nice yarn store will let me return the third skein I know I’m not even going to touch.

Speaking of yarn without a prupose, it’s become a serious issue for me. In terms of wool based yarn, it’s not much of a problem. I’ve got at least a general idea for, I’d say, 90% of it. If there’s no pattern in mind, it’s going to the Babette blanket…but what about all this crappy acrylic? Please note that I said “crappy” acrylic. There is some fine acrylic out there…this isn’t it. It’s old Red Heart Super Saver from at least 8 years ago before they “reformulated.” It’s rough and squeaky. I’m hesitant to even make toys out of some of this stuff. Making a blanket is right out. I’d LOVE to find somewhere to donate it, and there’s a nursing home right in my town that might find use for it in a craft class or just as something for the residents to pass the time with. It’s not useless, I just don’t want it based on the colors and the feel. I can only use so much waste yarn for invisible cast ons and stitch holders. The last thing I want to do is throw it away, but I don’t think anyone would even want to trade for it.

On a final note, I finally found the pattern for the Toujours Pur socks! My mother decided to “clean up” my desk over a month ago meaning I lost about 25 pieces of paper that I needed ranging from several printed out knitting patterns to important flight information about getting to my friend’s wedding in North Carolina. I will never see those things again, but I guess the thickness of the paper on the sock pattern made her hold off on just tossing it out. So now that second sock (which has been languishing since March at least) is getting a little attention again. At this rate I may finish it before August. Weee!



  1. I *love* those gloves. I’m going to have to get my hands on that book. I sent it in a swap recently, and of course I flipped through it. It’s so great!

  2. When you have stuff settled for NC, let me know, just so I know what’s going on.

    I hear ya on the crappy acrylic. I have a bunch myself. A few friends and I have been making baby hats and donating them to a local non-profit hospital. Unless it’s REALLY scratchy, it shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise I’d say toys, like you said.

  3. Hi. Just a suggestion. I usually donate alot of my leftover skeins to a local VFW Auxilliary. Alot of them have older women who make slippers/hats/lapghans for vets and injured soldiers. The ladies I deal with are super happy to get any and everything! 🙂 Good luck in your search for a donation spot!

  4. ooh, what an interesting stitch pattern! They look great. 🙂

  5. I just got this book from the library and am trying to knit the filigree mitts. The pattern has me totally baffled. I’ve tried it a couple times and can’t get the openwork right. When she says k4tog, p4tog into these 4 sts – does she mean the two slipped stitches (where you’ve dropped the extra wraps) and then 2 more sts – also are you supposed to k4tog but leave them on the left needle and then pearl those same 4 sts?? I’m so confused. I sure hope you can help me out!!

  6. Hi again!! I rcvd your advice on the ravelry site – tried it and it’s working!! Thank you so much. I’m very excited now about knitting them while I’m camping. I would have been very disappointed if I wouldn’t have been able to work on them. It sure seems like they’re going to be a quick knit – after I make my daughter’s pair I may just have to make a pair for myself. Thanks again!!

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