I actually did it…

February 19, 2008

…I finished the sweatervest that I designed all by myself. Sure it isn’t the most complex or pretty thing in the world. You’d never see it in a magazine. But it’s just what I wanted. Something red, classy, and cute to wear that I made all by myself.


As for the technicalities, it’s three balls and change of Rowan Felted Teed in their beautiful red color on Knitpick Options size 7s. That central cable is from the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (Barbara Walker), and I sort of researched the basics of shaping and making a v-neck from several different vest and sweater patterns.

I can’t wait to block it. The last time I blocked a Rowan-yarn sweater it got even nicer, so I’m waiting to see what this lovely tweed will do.

I’m sort of between full-sized projects right now (debating if I should do another sweater or start some lace), but I will be picking up the new IK today. There’re like 8 patterns minimum that I’d *love* to make (I have a thing with cardigans and layers in general), but I want to clear out more stash before I buy another sweater of yarn.

One comment

  1. Wow! That turned out really pretty. I just picked up some Summer Tweed … I hope I can knit up something equally nice.

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