Full spectrum scarf

January 4, 2008

Shocking as it is, the crazy presssure of making Ryan’s sweater in four days *didn’t* kill my desire to knit ever again! On the contrary. I wanted to do nothing BUT knit. In fact, when I stopped knitting and tried to sew a Box Bag for my best friend’s Christmas present, the results were disasterous. I got better, but seriously, knitting has been the way of things ever since and the madness is only now dimming.

The thing is, I wanted to knit, but my brain was blown out on the math EZ had been throwing at me (me no math good). Screw math, I decided, I wanted to make something where the YARN would do the heavy lifting for me.


Noro Stripe Scarf: Wow-factor without any of the effort.

 I grabbed the three aimless balls of Kureyon from my stash, guessed a reasonable order for them, cast on 41 stitches ans 1×1 ribbed myself in to a beautiful, colorful coma, with the two selvage stitches on the edges for stability. It’s pretty, it was unbelievably easy and it’s recharged me for other, more dificult knitting pursuits. For example, once the Kureyon scarf was done, I cast on for the sweatervest I’ve been meaning to make for ages. I did the math myself, figuring out stitch numbers from gague and my measurements, mapped out where the design elements would go, and now I’m ready for a long trip in 2×2 rib-land for the next inch or so. I’ll be taking this pretty slow since, well, it’s kind of haphazard. And I haven’t forgotten about those socks, either! They’re nice and portable, though, so I’m reserving the vest for TV knitting.

Also, I’m getting a yarn swift and ball winder! Late Christmas present that will allow my to FINALLY wind that lace-weght and give some real lace a shot.

Lastly, now that I’ve come down off the knitting high, I’m interested in getting back to sewing. I still have patterns cut out, but after the epic fail that went down on the box bag, I’m not so sure I’m ready to try and apply bias tape or anything like that. I think I’m going to try a few smaller projects first, and get some handstitching in with the newbook I got. The Cute Book is so damned adorable I was having cuteness fits. Now I *must* obtain felt and make a bunny. No, it’s not optional and no it can’t wait.


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  1. Oooh, pretty colors …

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