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Christmas Story

December 26, 2007

I decided to make sweaters for the two new babies in my family this year. The first was for the older boy, but I finished it so early that I gave it to him way before Christmas so he’d get some time in it before it no longer fit. The baby girl was originally getting a BSJ, but right before I sewed it up, I saw that there was no way it would fit her. So with very little time left, I decided to work up the two-needle baby sweater from Knitter Almanac. I’ve seen so many pretty versions of it that I just knew it would look great….then i got distracted and had only a month left…then I completely messed up the gague and had to start from scratch. Then I only had 4 days left…



This is a sweater that I am truly proud of. I followed an EZ pattern, understanding why what was written was there, understanding why I was increasing to this number of stitches and what she meant by “work back and forth.” The directions are like one paragraph long and I used them to make a pretty baby sweater! I rule!

And it was even more special because I feel like my family really understood the kind of time and effort that went in to it. They were passing it around and squishing the fabric and insisting that it must have taken more than four days (it really didn’t! I just stayed up really late, did nothing but knit, and was sewing the buttons on that morning).  And even better, I know the baby’ll look adorable in it. It’s a good shade of lavander for her eyes.

What’s more, it fits. Icing on the cake.


Just because you don’t need it…

December 18, 2007

…doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it.

 For example, I had absolutely no need for another hat. I have a ton. I probably have a hat to go with every type of outfit in my arsenal. Plus I have Christmas knitting left to do.

So clearly I had to devote a ton of energy in to making the Estella beret.

 It’s pretty much the kind of knitting experience you really hope for when starting a new project. It starts with a solid technique, moves in to a stitch pattern that is fun to make a looks great, and the pattern holds your hand through the decreases. And all the while you get to look at a beautiful hat taking shape.


New York

December 11, 2007

My family took a trip in to NYC this past Sunday to do all those NYC Christmas things. We looked at the department store windows on 5th Avenue, we saw Rockefeller Center, had a nice lunch out…all those good things. We also walked for about five miles without breaks in the damp cold. My mother does not like to take motorized transport in a city unless one of her legs is actually falling off and she can’t find anything to fashion a walking stick out of. Me? My feet felt like I was walking on broken glass, my legs are still sore, and I think I’ve caught a cold. But it was still a great day! Lots of fun.

 One of the tings we did was go to Bryant Park by the Public Library. There was a skating rink and a whole bunch of little shopping kiosks with things from around the world, especially wintery countries. Russian nesting dolls, Norwegian mittens, and a whole lot of stuff from Canada. In fact, I think the skating rink itself was sponsored by Canada. I have to admit that I felt a not insignificant amount of pride when we were looking at scarves and hats and my mother said “It’s cute, but I bet you can already make this stuff, right?”

On the subject of hats, they were probably the things I looked at most. People were walking all around the city with the cutest hats on and I kept looking at them and dissecting them, thinking that maybe I could make my very own version. By the same token, I also saw more fun-fur scarves than was strictly necessary, but the overall outerwear impression was good.

At the end of the day, we were walking back down 7th avenue toward Penn Station to catch the Path home. Around Times Square I was still doing my people/hat watching thing to keep from focusing on the excruciating pain in my feet and legs. Among the hats I saw something I recognized. An Odessa hat! A girl maybe a little younger than me was wearing a very nice looking purple Odessa with matching beads, and when we walked past her I also saw that she was sporting a Gryffindor Scarf.

I didn’t and couldn’t say anything at the time, but to the girl with the purple Odessa in Times Square in the early evening of 12/9, you’re hat was beautiful. The beads you picked were perfect for the yarn color and I’m super jealous that you got it to fit so well. And the colors on your Harry Potter scarf were spot on. Merry Christmas.


Like the wind

December 7, 2007

Wow. One evening in front of the TV can do marvelous things for one’s project load.

Hanukkah started this past week so I know I need to have Jason’s hat done soon. I started the Marsan Watchapfor him a almost a week ago, but the monotony of the twisted rib just wasn’t holding my attention. All I wanted to do was make the pretty socks out of my pretty Prisoner of Azkaban sock yarn. I decided to make a toe up sock with a simple knit-purl pattern on the instep (I wear jeans so no one would have ever seen the side details on Carrie’s pattern, and the super cute sole designs would have driven me up a wall). I really liked the idea behind the Foxglove sock architecture (I know I said I wasn’t gonna try any more New pathways for awhile but…well I guess I lied), and the fountain design really caught my eye. So I sized up my feet and came up with a really great looking, great fitting sock. That’s the part you see in the picture.

 And then I tried to turn the heel. Disaster and failarity ensued. The thing still goes on  a foot, but frankly I think I can fix my mistake and make it look right if I could only make myself rip back. Gotta thread in a lifeline and get back to before I totally mucked up the heel. I still like the pattern and the yarn is GORGEOUS, but this heel is unacceptable. I want these socks to look right, damnit!

So since I’m building up the courage to do all the ripping back on the sock, I needed something little to occupy my hands. Welcome back Marsan Watchcap.  I don’t know why I was so bad about working on this. The pattern makes a handsome hat, and Mission Falls wool is quickly becoming my go-to yarn for hats. It comes in a bazillion colors, it’s superwash, warm, soft, and holds up well in the face of near constant use (just ask my Glaistig hat). It was great to just have one simple stitch pattern to work on while cozied up under a blanket (the Clashtastic Log-Cabin LIVES!) and a whole bunch of DVR’d Mythbusters and that Tin Man miniseries that they had on Sci-Fi (not nearly as good or bad as I thought it would be. Entertaining story, moved along at a good pace, and appropriate acting from everyone but Zooey Deschanel. Seriously, I know she can act but she was very clearly NOT happy to be there and it showed). Now I’m about ready to do the crown decreases. With any luck I’ll have this done next week.