Good news and bad news

November 24, 2007

Well the Heir of Slytherin Coriolis socks are done. And somehow I made all the same mistakes on the second one as the first. The coriolis band is NOT supposed to be on the sole of the foot, but something about how I placed the markers  and made the heel totally screwed it up. I mean…the socks aren’t BAD. They still got on a foot and the yarn in very nice. For my first ever toe-ups, I’m really supprised that they are even foot shaped. But now they’re dona and I know I have a long way to go in my knowledge of sock knitting before I try another New Pathways pattern. If nothing else, these socks taught me that socks on circulars are deffinitely faster than DPNs and not as scary as it seemed.

I finished the Heirs on the heels of receiving the Prizoner of Azkaban yarn. LOVE. I was thinking about what I wanted to do with it and I was all set to use the enclosed pattern…and then Momma Monkey came out with Freya. Won’t this yarn look AMAZING with that pattern? The color changes going up the cables…I always feel bad when I don’t use the enclosed pattern, but I really really really love this yarn and I really really love this pattern.

Lastly, Thanksgiving has come and gone. NOW the Christmas gift fever has really caught me. I made crazy progress on the Prime Rib Scarf, I have the yarn all set to cast on for Jason’s Marsan Watchcap…and then there’s the baby sweater. Remember the BSJ I was making for little Ryan. Well I saw her on Thanksgiving. There is no WAY that sweater gonna fit. Oh well. I wanted to make the February Baby Sweater anyway….


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