It’s a disaster

November 13, 2007

No pics in this post because I have absolutely nothing that I want shown.

The Odessa hat is a lesson in frustration. As nice as the beads look, I know I’m doing them in such a way that they are not quite lining up right on the hat. When things are not in a line when they are supposed to be that drives me nuts. Also, I’m starting to worry that the yarn might be too slippery to stay on my head. I have very thick hair and it takes a mighty hat to contain all of it. Odessa might not be up to the task…but it’s so pretty…

And then there’s the coriolis sock…JUST when I think I’m getting it right, something goes wrong. I totally screwed up the instep arch, but I know what I did now so i can fix it on the second sock. The leg went by well enough, but then I completely screwed up the cuff. I don’t know what I was thinking. I have to rip back quite a bit and try to salvage it…then I get to do it all over again.

I need a break. Maybe I’ll sew another one of those box bags….


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