The fluffy stuff

November 1, 2007

Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow

I am spinning something yellow


Please excuse the little poem. That part of the first Harry Potter book popped in to my brain while I was spinning up the roving I got in yesterday and hasn’t yet left.

Ooooo lookittheprettycolors! I got four colors of the SemiSolids from Spunky Eclectic and I’ll be using it to try my hand at plying. I haven’t quite decided which colors are gonna get plyed together yet, but I figure I have time between the spinning and building my own Lazy Kate. I’m also going to need to learn how to make individual bobbins. If I had a wheel that wouldn’t be an issue since they have multiple bobbins, but since I’m doing this with one spindle and half a clue what’s going on I need to set up something external to hold the singles. I don’t mind making things for myself, though. I am the queen of cardboard crafting. I made my own Nostepin from a rolled up wrapping paper tube, and even part of my halloween costume was cardboard (a cricket bat. I was Shaun of the Dead for a Zombies vs Survivors party). AC Moore should have what I need.

For some reason I chose to spin the nice yellow first (not pictured above). It’s a happy color. I have a real affection for yellow, even though I look pretty silly in it (skin pale as death).  My current idea is to ply it with the pretty blue, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

My singles are getting more even, but I still don’t think I’m getting it quite right. This roving is really easy to spin with, I’m just a total klutz. I’ve got most of the yellow spun up now, but need to finish up something to hold it before I can start on any other colors. This is fun! But I am nervous about plying…


One comment

  1. Shaun of the Dead is one of my top five favorite movies. “You’ve got red on you.” Hee hee. Great costume idea!

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