A Change of Tactics

October 26, 2007

I can’t knit anything. I’ve been an absolute failure at everything I’ve tried over the past two days: Work, law school essay writing, sewing, EVERYTHING. I hate it when this happens. It’s not often that I catch a case of fail, but it’s often enough.

Basically since I can’t knit without messing it up. I even managed to muck up the garter stitch BSJ. Add to that an Odessa hat where I skipped a plain row and added the beads too early (which is going to look really weird on the hat), losing two of the original five needles my Monkey sock was on (it’s on new needles now), and the immense failure of a scarf I started for my cousin, I’m pretty down on my knitting at the moment.  I have no fiber to spin with, so I turned to sewing…because heaven forbid I not be making or doing something. The Rick Rack Nightmare Apron was close enough to completion on Wednesday night that I just decided to go for it.

 Heheheheheheh…..This thing is great. Don’t mind the vacant expression in the picture. I was distracted by a ladybug in my room just as the camera went off. It’s a functional apron, but also completely blinding and tacky. The pockets are basically useless, but they add to the overall “wtf” of the apron. My parents were in the kitchen when I went to go put it in the pantry for future use. My mom was amazed that it looked as good as it did (the pattern was *not* easy) and my father approved of my finally getting a new apron after nearly ten years (“Not exactly something I would have chosen, but it looks like it’ll do the job”)

But that was Wednesday. What was I going to do last night? Well sewing seems to have been going well, but I wasn’t quite ready to commit to another big project. Lucky for me, I found a two random fat quarters of fabric in one of my baskets (my mom went through my yarn and rearranged everything while I was away last weekend…the horror… the… horror…) leftover from when I needed one of them for something at school. I know that’s vague but I honestly cannot remember why I had them, exactly. But here they were and I was bored. Since I read Momma Monkey all the time, I remembered her linking to a tutorial that used just two fat quarters, some interfacing, and a zipper to make a little bag. ‘Hmmm…,’ I thought, ‘a little zip up pouch might be just what I need to keep my socks from hemoraging DPNs.’

In one night of work and a whole lot of screwing up (the first time out I put the zipper in the fabric the only way it possibly couldn’t work. I’m cool like that), I got this.


The pattern includes a handle but I forgot about it. C’est la vie. It’s a fun, noncommital little project with good results and a really high utility factor. Now my Monkey sock is safely held away from the rest of my knitting bag. I will not be held responsible for more fat quarter purchases at JoAnne’s today…no…that certainly will not be me…. 😉


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  1. Is cute!

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