So bad it’s good

October 8, 2007

Okay so designing socks is a bit harder than I thought it would be…

I tried mocking up the lace pattern I wanted to use in the round, but it wasn’t working quite right I haven’t figured it out yet. And since this is going to take more experimentation and time, I decided to cast on another prewritten pattern of socks…because heaven forbid I stop making socks right now.

I call them my Pretty Princess Socks because honetly this is the girliest colorway ever. EVER. And the super femme lace pattern leaves them looking double girly. But I like how it’s turning out. Sometimes you just need to feel Pretty. They’re the Waving Lace socks from Favorite Socks using Lorna’s Laces I’ve had sitting around for like a year, knit on size 1s (of which I have two sets). This makes me very happy because it leaves my 2s free for another pair. Frankly I need more DPNs, but I think it would be wise to hold off on that Knitpicks order until I figure out how much of last week’s paycheck is still left after paying my parking ticket and my latest Etsy purchase.

Let me just say that I tried really really hard not to buy more sock yarn. Frankly, I don’t need it. I still have two pairs’ worth of Knitpicks Essential, another pair of Lorna’s, two things of Pallette that I can use for socks, and the next sock club shipment should be coming in a week or so. I do not need, by any stretch of the imagination, more sock yarn.

So clearly I bought enough for two more pairs.

I’d been drooling over the stuff at Shelby’s Designs for awhile, but managed to restrain myself…until last night when I suddenly found my check card in my hand and a printed receipt in my printer. If I had completely lost my mind I probably would have bought like another three (these colors are seriously beautiful), but I managed to make it out of the store with a bill that was less than my parking ticket (grumblegrumble). For the rationalization portion of the post, won’t Grindylow look awesome as a pair of Pomatomus? As for the Dolores Umbridge colorway…what can I say? I really want a pair of offensively pink socks 🙂

Speaking of questionable fashion decisions (see what I did there?), I got back to sewing last night. There’s a new book out called Bend the Rules Sewing that I picked up the other day and it got me really excited about tackling the sewing machine again. It’s the kind of book that tells you “calm down, it’ll all be fine, people have been doing this for over a century, and look at all the fun things you can make!”. I needed that. So without any help at all, I put some rick rack on my skirt apron pattern that I’d cut out over a month ago.


Isn’t it beautiful? And by “beautiful” I mean “hideous.” And by “hideous” I clearly mean “awesome.” I can’t wait to wear this sucker for Thanksgiving ❤


One comment

  1. Totally beautifully hideously awesome. I demand a picture of you IN it.

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