Special something

September 28, 2007

I think I’m about to go on another sock kick. I recently looked through my stash to see that I actually have a whole lot of sock yarn. Much more than I thought. I know it’s gonna be nothing compared to what most knitters have, but to someone like me, having yarn for at least 5 more pairs of socks is kind of a big deal. I like to use things up. I like to be able to say “There! All gone!” like a kid who cleans their plate at dinner.

Even with all the lovely sock yarn, my Harry Potter Cover Sock Yarn Club had to come first. It’s special yarn in a lot of ways. It’s the first time I’ve bought through an independent dyer, it’s my first sock club, and it’s inspired by a book that’s very special to me. I wanted to do something special with it. The included pattern is nice and I’m sure I’ll use it on some of the other sock yarn I have, but it’s very simple. For these, I was thinking lacey…

Just look at this! The yarn is so pretty all knitted up and looks great on this pattern! I’d kinda had this pattern at the back of my mind for awhile after seeing all the people (more often than not Ravenclaws) getting these Eagle’s Flight pattern socks in the Hogwarts Sock Swap (is it weird to oogle sock swaps that I’m not involved with at all? I hope not…). I liked the theme of the included pattern, which was called Hedwig, so I stuck with the birdy-ness. I’m so so SO happy with them and can’t wait to be able to actually wear them. The lace is really stretchy so I think it’ll fit nicely, too. And honestly? They’re just plain fun to make. Since I’m unoriginal but can’t just do as I’m told, I subbed out the plain heel in the pattern for a slipped stitch one. The heel flap is cool because it puts the colors together in a way that they aren’t on the cuff. Purple with orange, bronze with white…Mixes it up a bit 🙂 Have I mentioned I love the colors? Never would have thought of them together, but they look great.


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  1. Those are working up so lovely!!!

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