Appropriate Responses

September 10, 2007

Scenario: You head downstairs to have a little chat with your daughter before dinner, as is customary. After a quick conversation, you begin to head upstairs for dinner when she shows you that the rather complex baby sweater she is knitting for a relative as a Christmas gift. She is in a cheerful mood and visibly proud of what she has accomplished in only a few days of dedicated work. What is your response?

(a) “Wow! That’s looking great!”, (b) “You only just started that, didn’t you? That’s going by fast!”, (c) “How cute! It’ll look adorable on Matthew!”, or (d) “Are you sure that’s going to fit him?”

…For some reason my darling mother selected choice d…

I’ve been steamrolling through the Trellis sweater with all possible speed. After about 5 hours of working only on this thing, I stop being able to accomplish the chart and make dumb mistakes, so I end up having to stop and work on something else so the sweater doesn’t end up looking a mess. That and the yarn is absolute murder on my hands. I’ve been using the Malabrigo on My So Called Scarf as a sort of yarn therapy to recover from the trauma. From bumpy plastic to snuggly merino wool…mmmmm…

The reason my mom’s comment got to me so much and actually killed my desire to do any more work on this project, is that I’ve been worrying about this the whole time. I think it’ll be okay, though. The yarn and fabric are very stretchy, so even if it fits kind of close, I think the little guy’ll get some use out of it….please, God, let them get some use out of it…I’m not doing this for my health, here. Frankly I want to be done with this sweater so I can mess around with the Baby Suprise Jacket…

Seriously, though, of all the responses my mom could pick…


One comment

  1. Awww, I’m sure she didn’t mean to stress you out. You know, the very first sweater I made (crocheted) for my first son, I worked on at my husband’s grandmother’s house. His grandpa came up to me and said, “You sure that’ll fit him? Doesn’t look big enough.” I brushed it off, he didn’t know what he was talking about, etc. Sure enough though, when he was born the ‘6 month old size’ sweater I had made barely squeezed onto my smallish infant. I blame it on a profound misunderstanding of both gauge and yarn subbing.

    Wouldn’t you rather know before you finish the whole thing whether it’s going to work out? Then you have the option to either say, “Forget it, I’m finding a smaller kid who needs a present” or to suck it up and start over, making it larger. Good luck! It looks great.

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