Christmas in September

September 8, 2007

Last time I blogged, I mentioned all the holiday knitting I’ve suddenly realized I have to do. *Thankfully* I took that list to heart, and started work on the first of two baby sweaters.

In a matter of about two days, I’ve ditched one idea and switched little Matthew’s sweater from the rather plain pattern I’d picked before to the much more fun Trellis. I’m using Siridar Snuggly Tiny Tots to make this, and despite the fact that it’s acrylic to the max, I think it looks great with this pattern. Sort of like a tweed aran for a baby…despite the fact the the yarn is not tweed and this is not, technically speaking, an aran. The deal I’ve made for myself is that I don’t get to start the U-Neck vest that I want until I finish this. How’s that for rationalizing, eh? 😛

I just hope it’ll fit…babies grow so fast, but the pattern and the yarn are both very stretchy, so hopefully it’ll make it through the whole winter. The other baby sweater I’m going to make is the Baby Suprise Jacket, and hopefully I can size it up so the little one will get some good use out of it. Plus I think they’re gonna have more after this one 🙂

Not that I’ve completely stopped knitting for myself. Still have some stuff on the needles for when I need a break from the acrylic. The Endpaper Mitts are coming along much much better than expected! I had a little bit of confusion about the pattern when it came time to work it in some crazy mirror fashion, but I’m over that now. I hope they fit, though…Oh! And my blanket is growing! It covers my lap now, but it’s just too hot to work on right now.

Lastly, is it weird that I kinda miss making socks? I mean, I have *more* than enough yarn and plenty of patterns I want to try…but I have so much on my plate right now that socks are just not on the agenda. I’ll of course pretend I didn’t just type that within the next week or so when the  first shipment from the sock club I joined comes in. Yeah. I signed up. I’ll find the room somewhere, especially since I’m using up all this yarn on the baby sweaters.


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