A lot on the plate

September 5, 2007

Friday and Saturday were big days out with the mother. She wanted to go to the big Fabric Land in Plainfield so she could get apulstory fabric to re-do some chair cushions, but I was all about apron fabric. The pattern I’m looking at is one of those three-in-ones with several styles. I decided to make two different patterns: a funtional bib apron for normal cooking, and a cute little skirt one for holiday functions. I actually *use* aprons, contrary to the popular belief of my friends, so this isn’t just me being silly and wasting time and fabric.


The two purple fabrics are going in to the bib apron, but the black yellow and green will be the skirt one. Is it wrong that the thing I’m most stoked about is the bright yellow rick-rack that’ll be going around the pockets? What can I say? If I’m making a little Donna Reed skirt apron, I want it to have occularly offensive rick-rack.

I’ve also got another lovely piece of fabric from the JoAnns sale rack. $4 a yard for this lovely purple fabric! It’s so soft, too! I immediately saw it as a skirt with a white button down shirt and….a purple sweater vest! Excuse for a new Fitted Knits project! Back to School U-Neck! Woohoo! I capped off the fabric store trips with the purchase of my very own sewing basket. I have a lot of memories of going through my mother’s sewing basket looking at all the different color thread and the pins and stuff. Now I have my very own! I have my knitting supplies in there, plus the thread I’ve used in sewing so far. I don’t know why, but I really like having a basket of my own…I think mom does too because now I won’t be messing up her perfectly arranged one anymore.

In other news, I’ve picked as my new audiobook knitting the Self Designed Hoodie of Many Froggings. I’m still on the raglan-increases-of-doom, so it really doesn’t require much attention from me. It won’t be anything other than green stockinette until under the arms when I’ll add the yellow cable panel. So for now I can keep my attention on Ms. Marple…too bad I think I already know who the would-be killer is…

And I’ve finally started gift knitting. I’m knitting my cousin’s baby boy’s sweater using Daisy from knitty as a basic pattern. I think I’m gonna try to throw a cable in there somewhere, just to liven things up. I’m actually going to the yarn store today to  see about incoporating another color in to the Tomten for my other cousin’s baby girl. Then cousin Mike wants a scarf and ‘Ric wants mittens and if I make stuff for them I *have* to make *something* for Laur…

 I never should have let my family know that I can knit more than garter-stitch scarves.


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