Blink and you’ll miss it

August 31, 2007

Since I now have both a Ravelry account and a knitblog, I feel like my FOs shouldn’t really sneak up on me anymore. I feel like I should be very well aware of just how much progress I have made on any given project and be able to project when it will be finished.

But…like…that blue beret I mentioned, like, a couple day ago? It’s done.

How in the name of puppies did *that* happen? It’s like, after all the time and emotional investment that went in to getting the Bellatrix sock finished, this hat shouldn’t be done *already*. But no. It’s done. And I’m kind of a fan…


I have no other hats that look even kinda like this beast. I also love the bright blue color and no longer regret not using a nice khaki green like the other examples of the Sea Urchin beret I could find. I have kind of a soft spot for this yarn, too, as it’s the leftovers from my first ever sweater (<3). It’s so big, too! It covers my ears completely and is so toasty I can’t see myself ever being cold again in the winter. I’m happy. I don’t care if other people think it looks silly. This thing’s getting worn.

Speaking of winter, I think I’m finally ready to start gift knitting….Oi vey….

In other crafting news, my joined rings are improving in my tatting. I have come up with an idea for a crazy knitted bag incorporating my tatting skillz and have been kinda mapping it out recently, but before I can start on a project like this, I have to kill more stash…for everyone’s sake, especially my own. I’m being haunted by the Ghost of Acrylic Past and need to purge some demons.

And sewing! Yes, sewing! I’m going to try sewing. I have fabric for a few skirt patterns, but not the elstic or thread or zippers and stuff. *And* my mother found an awesome retro apron pattern! I’m so stoked! This means we get to go to the GOOD fabric store this weekend! Our JoAnne’s is pretty weak, so Fabric Land is worth the trip.


One comment

  1. Whoa! It looks great. And yeah, the color was a nice choice.

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