Starter madness

August 23, 2007

The first Bellatrix is done! I’m just past the twisted rib of the second sock, and trying very hard to stay focused on getting it done before October….

 But then the start madness hit. Perhaps you, fellow knitters, can share my feelings. All of a sudden you want to start about 20 new projects all at once. This is also known as “Startitis,” but I classify start madness as when you don’t just start a new project, you start and abandon it all in the same night.

I have a few already begun projects that I could be focusing on. The felted box that’s using up the last of my green Lamb’s Pride, the Clashtastic Blanket, drinking more soda for the Tin Can Tote. Plenty to do! None of it really getting done. Dabbled in the box and the blanket last night but not a lot of measurable progress.

The trick with the start madness this time was that I managed to convince myself I was being responsible. You see, I’m finally passable enough at knitting that it’s becoming expected that I knit for others. Oh em gee I’m so awkward about this. All of my knitting, to this point, has been for myself because I don’t want to inflict it on other people. Now there are actual requests coming in, so it’s unavoidable now. Hats for two friends, two baby things, and I know that if I make things for a few friends, I have to make for the rest…So basically, I told myself “Christmas/Hanukkah Knitting doesn’t count toward me being bad, right?”

I picked up the yarn for one friend’s hat and put it down. I’m making her a black Kittyville hat and the thought of seed stitch right now makes me gag. I even cast on and did a few rows of Berocco’s Pie baby sweater before realizing that I suck at seeming garter stitch and the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby patterns I have are way way cuter (Baby Surprise, Tomten, Baby Bog…). So started and frogged. Looked at the leftover black Mission Falls and tried to think of a hat that I could make for a friend that would use it up, look cool, and *not* be the pattern he requested. He wanted a Shedir after seeing me wear mine to a bonfire….yeahno. Not happening. Then I thought about the Trellis I want to make for my cousin’s little boy and got tired. It’s aran design on a small scale, but I think I’m still cabled out.

Guess I’ll wait on those. I don’t know if I want to do one of the Zimmermann patterns in just one color, cables are a no right now, and I can’t bear the thought of starting another black project.


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