“Does not follow written directions well”

August 21, 2007

Story of my Elementary School life….

 Now that the shrug (which I’m loving more every day with this lousy weather we’re having) is done, I’m focusing all of my attentions on the Bellatrix socks. Got most of the foot done over the weekend while sitting on the porch listening to an Agatha Christie audiobook. Miss Marple sure is clever 😛

Thing is, I worry I’m breaking some, like, unknown to me sock commandment. The Bellatrix socks have a reputation for being very loose, what with all the dropped stitches. As I’ve mentioned before, that works just fine for my calves, but I didn’t want something droopy on my foot. My solution was to change needle sizes from a 2 to a 1 for picking up the gusset and making the foot. So far, it’s worked out really really well…but should it? Are you supposed to mess with needle size this much, I wonder.

Some guy yaking about psychics!I’m a big fan of the “knit however will make it work for you” philosophy. And even if my gague is more gonzo than Hunter S. Thompson, it’s coming out to a comfy, cozy pair of socks that I think look awesome. I’m already picking out outfits to wear them with! And the Knitpicks Gloss is holding up really well against the abuse my knitting bag suffers, so brownie points to that yarn. The heel still feels a little short to me, but that might just be because my only other experience has been with Jaywalkers, which are known for having heel flaps that could eat Cleaveland.

As a roundup for my own future reference, here are the mods I’m going to be making on the second sock: Using size 1’s for the ribbing at the top (worry about grippyness on the 2s), 2’s for the leg, 1’s for the feet, slipped stitch heel.

I’m excited and near the toe, so the second sock should be on the needles shortly…and then I can take a month to finish it like I did with the Jaywalkers…Hooray?


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