Finally! Some progress!

August 18, 2007

About a week ago I went a little nuts with the starting. This morning I had no less than 5 WIPs that I was trying to spread my attention around on, but it just wasn’t working. Sometimes you just feel like you need to finish something, ya know?

So. I decided to pick something and see it to the finish this weekend. *Clearly* this was not feasable with the Clashtastic Log Cabin, which if I’m going to be honest has been getting most of my attention, so I went to the black sheep of my knitting bag: The former Two-Toned Shrug which was reduced by cutbacks to something more like a Two Skein Wonder.

I was really pessimistic about the pattern. If I wasn’t complaining that it wasn’t going to fit, I was whining that it was going to make me look like a linebacker. When I got to the ribbing around the body I turned in to an even bigger brat. I’ve been in a lousy mood lately and the boring yet not mindless-ness of 2×2 ribbing was driving me up a wall. I only did 14 rounds of ribbing as opposed to the more than 20 called for. I bound off grumbling, but still pretty pleased to have finished something. But clearly, it was going to have been a waste of time, I thought. Went upstairs to the full length mirror and took a look.

 I like it. I like it a lot. My shoulders look pretty normal, I still like the color, and it’s nice and warm, while still being right for this August weather. I like it so much that I feel bad skimping out on the ribbing around the body. It’d look even better with the full complement. Still burried under a heap of WIPs, but you sure do get a lift in mood finishing something, eh?



  1. I like it, it looks great on you! I know I’ve skimped on something like a 2×2 rib – more than once! Don’t feel bad.

  2. I really like it on you! What yarn did you use to make it? I am also thinking about doing a 1-tone shrug. I am curious though to what yarn you used to get it in 2 skeins! Please let me know.

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