The point of no return?

August 15, 2007

I think I may have hit the point of no return and am now transitioning from a knitter to a Knitter.

What brought this on? I really really *really* want to join this “Sock Yarn of the Month” club I heard about on Ravelry. It’s nice, independently died sock yarn and I really really want it….But can I do it?

 I have the money to do the monthly instalment plans, but it’s the stash space I worry about. I refuse to purchase any more containers for my yarn. It’s gotten out of hand already. I picked through it the other day and the thing is it’s not even just odds and ends of yarn. It’s like several groups that have enough to make a sweater. One set I know is for my cousin’s baby girl, and another bunch is for my other cousin’s little boy. I need to just sit down and use those large patches up, but that brings me to the next problem:

Has anyone ever sucessfully used up their yarn? Like, the whole skein/ball/hank is gone, baby, gone? I seem to be incapable of using up any given color. The skeins of Lamb’s Pride I had in Turkish Olive? *Still* have some left. And this is after making a small scarf, part of a felted purse, and a set of garter stitch mitts with it! I still have a lump of it that’s too small to really make anything with, but too big to just throw away. For *once* I’d just like to use something up…

Good thing I have that Clashtastic Log Cabin. Blankets = stash killers, so all that old Homespun is as good as gone. Of course, this knowledge put me in to a false sense of security and I felt safe to toss a couple of balls of Pallete in to my shopping cart when I ordered my friend’s birthday preasent from Knitpicks. What? I needed to round the order out to $45 for the shipping…

…If this gets any worse I’m going to want to try spinning…and that will just be bad for all of us….


One comment

  1. I find that toys are great for using up scraps of yarn. You can put all of the tiny odds and ends in a shoebox, or something, and make bear sweaters or finger puppets or doll clothes, or something. 🙂 But then, I’m partial to toys.

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