Air Force One

August 8, 2007

I think the only reason I ever get projects off the needles is that I eventually get frustrated by their lack of progress. Yes. I have had my mother’s crazy Protestant Work Ethic *so* drilled in to me that it ends up getting applied to my knitting. After about two weeks I’m like “You again!? What are you still doing in my knitting bag? I’ve about had it with you!” and then ends up taking a huge leap toward completion.

Such is the case with the Two-Toned Shrug from Fitted Knits. I’ve gotten to the point to where my Clashtastic Log Cabin is big enough that I can only knit one stripe before going in to a Garter Stitch Coma. After I finished last night’s I went through my knitting bag and found that there was still a shrug on my 8 circs. Oh no. This simply will not do. This needed to show some measure of visible progress.

Finished the Raglan Increases of Doom last night (picture is old) and I’m working on the sleeves now. I’m thinking I might actually skimp on this thing a little. I was originally going to use it as a stash buster for my three Khaki Cascade 220 and at least one of the three undyed Cascade 220 hanks I’ve got sitting around the bottom of my basket but…I’ve kinda changed my mind now.

I don’t mind using one and a bit of the khaki to make the shrug, but now I’ve got other plans for it. Specifically, a self designed hat that will probably make me hate life but I still want to try it anyway. As for the undyed stuff, not only am I thinking that I probably won’t like it as a big contrasting ribbed color on the shrug, I’m also interested in trying Kool-Aid dying. My parents won’t even freak out over me using one of the cooking pots either since they really need to get thrown out anyway.

So new plan for the shrug is that it’s gonna be all one color with shorter sleeves and less ribbing all around. Sounds good to me. And the sooner I get it off the needles the sooner I can go back to the Self Desigend Zip Up Hoodie of Many Froggings. I’ve literally ripped the thing out four times now and never gotten past the collar. Chalk it up to crushing self doubt.

I want to get back to my hoodie because after all the hats and mitts and sock I’ve been doing lately, I want to make a sweater. After I see how the hoodie comes out I might want to try an Elizabeth Zimmerman style bottom up sweater. Can’t be too hard to add some waist shaping to those instructions, right?

re: the title: Whenever I think of the phrase “get off my needles” I hear Harrison Ford’s voice from the infamous Air Force One line “Get off my plane.” My brain works in weird ways, okay 😛


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