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August 7, 2007

I think my knitting must have gotten pretty quick. Somehow I have a good portion of the Log Cabin blanket done, and I’m nearly done with the raglan increases on the Two Tone Shrug. Clearly a new project was in order.

I have resigned myself to not buying any new yarn until I clear out some more of my stash. And not just the acrylic stuff anymore. There’s plenty of good stuff just sitting around now too. Like the Knitpicks Gloss I picked up awhile ago…Say…wasn’t that purchased for something specific?

 After the initial thought, I kept making my clash-tastic log cabin for about an hour to the sounds of Court TV, and later the Biography Chanel. Just as a program about a lady who had her husband killed came on I remembered: Bellatrix socks! Nice connection, eh?

Cast on with a set of US 2s and now I’m two pattern repeats in to the leg. This pattern is so much fun! I’m literally sitting there going “weee!” as I drop the yarn overs off the needle. They’re moving by so quickly, too! The only thing that worries me is that many of the opinions from Ravelry have these socks at crazy loose and needing tiny needles. I’m on 2s, which seem kinda big for fingering weight yarn as fine as Gloss, but was as close to the 7 stitch gague as I could get. But the example from the original pattern was made on 0s. ZEROS. I’m concerned, but at the same time…I have large circumference feet and my calves are….better described as “strudy” than “delicate.” I’ll see how it goes when I’m further along in the leg and want to do a try on. I’ve also got plenty of the yarn, so I’m not particularly worried about running out.

One thing that’s improved about my knitting over the last three months, I’m no longer afraid to just rip out and start all over again.


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