Comfort Zone

August 6, 2007

Well! After the omgwtfbbq-ness of Shedir, I have safely retreated in to the sweet embrace of garter stitch:

 Blankie! It’s ugly as all getout (I’m doing this from stash, okay? Unrelated projects) but I just love homemade blankets. The first thing I ever made for myself is a blanket (I gotta post a picture of that thing some time), and this is the first time I’ve tried knitting a blanket. Now that I have discovered the joys of log cabin knitting, I can make a blanket that’s not only functional for warmth, but also uses up the leftover Lion Brand Homespun I have from before I learned that natural fibers are awesome. I’ve gotten a suprising amount done, as well. Did this instead of more work on the two tone shrug, which is mysteriously far along. I need to take new picture of that…

I’m also going back to the sock making and swatching for Bellatrix tonight. I might be having a movie night at my house, and the log cabin blanket makes for perfect company/tv knitting. Hooray!


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