Good Thing Going

August 2, 2007

I was doing really well with sticking to two projects. One really simple (Two Tone Shrug) and one psychotically difficult (Shedir)…

But then I looked at my stash and got pissed. I have all this great yarn that I’m just not using! This needed to be fixed. I decided to try and finish off one color once and for all. My Turkish Olive color Lamb’s Pride is some of my favorite yarn, so naturally I’m down to one and a smidgen skeins. I recently rediscovered my copy of Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick and since I’ve been on a garter stitch kick (thanks a lot, Mason-Dixon) the Fingerless Mitts pattern seemed like a good choice to use this stuff up once and for all.

I got one done and *man* do I love the feel of this wool. I like wearing fingerless mitts in the winter more so than normal gloves, because I find it much easier to type. The heat in the office is totally messed up, so anything I can wear for warmth while working is appreciated. I even got to learn a new technique on this project: The three needle bind off. It’s easy, but if I’m gonna be honest, I’m not a fan. It’s a very stiff seem, so on something like these mitts which need to move with your hand, it’s less than ideal. Oh well. Still important to know how to do these things.

::sigh:: And speaking of “learning something new,” Shedir has basically forced me to become a master at the cabling without a cable needle. It was honestly taking twice as long to futz around with the cable needle than it did to make myself learn the needless way. It’s still gonna be another month before I finish, but it’s still super pretty even with the poor choice of wool.


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