The Trouble With Ravelry

July 30, 2007

The trouble with Ravelry is that I forget what I’ve posted there as opposed to here. For example, I finished a Ball Band Washcloth from Mason-Dixon knitting and never said a word about it on this, my precious knitting blog.

This sure is purple, isn’t it? It’s super easy while still being super cool looking, which is always a plus. This is currently being used as a washcloth and will, once washed again, live in my car as a testament to my “If I’m not prepared for anything, what will happen if something goes wrong?” neurosis. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy said to always bring a towel…mine’s just a bit small.

And now let’s talk about Shedir. Oh let’s do. I have so very many things I could say about this hat…but I’ve been trying to keep this blog at a PG-13 maximum. The cabling without a cable needle works great…but what about the twists? Grumperina never goes over how to make the knit and purl stitches swap places. I tried to figure it out for myself and it just didn’t look right. I hope to figure it out eventually…And there sure will be plenty of time to figure it out since I’m only on the third set of braids out of five (the picture to the right is from a few days ago)…

All that being said, it’s so pretty that I’m determined to make it work. There’s a depth to the pattern that I really like, plus the top of the hat star pattern is such a nice coup de gras to a beautiful cabled hat. Not to mention the fact that I will feel like a total badass when I finish it.

Lastly, the first post I ever made in this blog was about a sweater I was making up all by myself. I haven’t forgotten about it! I’ve just had a couple of bad starts. I was making it from the top down and the first couple tries I did I could tell the sucker wasn’t gonna fit before I even got to the raglan increases. It’s still on my to do list, but I really gotta figure out the numbers more clearly.


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