Picking through the carcass

July 27, 2007

So Rag Shop is going out of business. This upsets me a bit, since I spent a lot of my childhood in Rag Shops getting fabric with my mother. As I was on my back from the comic book shop, I figured “what the hell” and went in to the one on the way home. Opportunity to pick up the little odds and ends of knitting and crochet for cheap, right?

Oh my God it was the most depressing thing ever. Even the fixtures were for sale. Like, metal shelves and stuff. And almost everything was gone, but I decided to scavenge whatever I could. My first mistake was going through the sewing patterns. What I really really really want these days is a new apron. My old one (made by me in Home Economics class almost 10 years ago) is kinda starting to fall apart and I’ve yet to find one for sale that I like as much. Ideally, I’d like to find a pattern for a cute, 1950’s style apron, but even if it can’t have a retro feel, I’ll just take and apron. I know I can wing it (get pice of fabric, cut out shape of an apron, cut out ties for neck and waist. you now have an apron), but I’d like something fancier. The leftover patterns were things you could not pay me to wear. And so many horrible Halloween Costumes. How they managed to make a princess costume for a 5 year old look decidedly un-cute I will never know.

The rest of the store was a mess too, but I wanted to get something. I mean…it was like a dollar store! So I picked up a couple of teeny crochet hooks and somehow found myself in the embroidery isle. Then, just as mysteriously, I found myself leaving the Rag Shop with crosstich canvas and a ton of embroidery floss.

I managed to pick up materials to learn a new craft plus a bunch of stuff for my existing hobbies for less than $20…unfortunately at the expense of a long standing chain of fabric stores, but still! Crosstitch!


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  1. First off, I love your blog title… 7 years of art college, 2 diplomas, and I work retail… like I said, LOVE your blog title. And I can relate to your feelings about the fabric store closing too. When the chain Lewis Craft closed across Canada, I got some amazing deals on yarn and needles but it didn’t feel very good. I would rather have not got the deals and had them remain open.

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