Useless Tat

July 16, 2007

I really shouldn’t be allowed near craft stores. All needed was fabric glue. Seriously. And yet…somehow…I ended up walking out of the Michaels with some blue crochet thread and…wait for it….

A tatting shuttle.

I really have no idea what a tatting shuttle was doing at Michaels considering….well no one tatts anymore. But I was going to try, damnit.

I’ve had a fascination with tatting for awhile now…mostly because it strikes me as absolutely futile. It’s lace…but all you can make are circles…with little loops off the side. Yipee….What are you actually going to *make* with your mad tatting skillz? You can’t tat a hat. You can’t tat a sweater. I guess you could tat a scarf, but it would be pretty useless. Yet even with all this haterism going through my mind, I wanted to learn to tat.

The first attepmt was such a failure I can’t even tell you. My finger got stuck in the second half of the loop and I stabbed my finger really bad on the picot catcher, but…It was actually *really really fun*! Impalement wounds and all!


I was getting closer and closer with every try, but I just couldn’t close the ring….All my bad. I was pulling the wrong damned string, and soon enough….

BAM! Closed ring!

 Now the idea is to chain multiple rings in to a kind of lace medallion. In my mind, something like that would go on to a purse or hat or somesuch as embellishment.

 If there’s anyone else out there who wants to pick up this easy and fun craft of yesteryear, the best resources I found for learning how to do it were here.

This new skill cost me less than $10 buck to learn. Thanks, sale at Michaels!



  1. You know, as much as I don’t need another craft hobby – that looks infuriating but also fun. In a weird way. I am totally with you on the whole it’s-pointless-but-fascinating lace thing.

  2. No one tats!? Ha!!! Anyhoo, have you considered needle tatting? When I get frustrated with shuttles, I switch to needle. You can’t see much difference between the two. Alot faster too.

  3. I love tatting. Go to Univ of Ariz Digital Online Archive and search the titles for ‘tatting’. It is just great. Michaels does carry all needlework supplies, but you’re so right – crafting stores today specialize in more mainstream, or big-money or fast-money making hobbies. I’ve found the staff here in our county’s 2 major craft chain stores hire in with little if any acumen at all (don’t know what shears are, don’t know crochet thread from yarn, don’t know seam tape from gift-ribbon, and haven’t any idea what a doily is). Let’s keep the crafting artisan skills alive, as is done around the world. Love it that you began tatting. Keep on going!

  4. I’ve been tatting for probably 40 years now and, once you get past the handkerchief edging phase, there are a lot of uses for a tatted piece.

    I make necklaces and earrings incorporating beads into the project; floral arrangements consisting of flowers, leaves & butterflies, stiffen the tatting, attach to floral wire, and “plant” them in small clay pots; a cat with a beaded collar; and, after having to put her dog down, I tatted the first initial of the dog’s name as a remembrance for my cousin. She could not have been more touched and has something very personal no one else gave her.

    Tatting is an ‘old’ art form but it’s far from being passé. I used to teach tatting at a local Jo-Ann’s ETC store and always had a full class. As Doris commented, it isn’t a ‘big money’ item, so the class was eliminated from their schedule. Too bad — it’s a very creative outlet. :>

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