Septic Second Sock Sydrome

July 12, 2007

Okay….I’m trying *really* hard to deny that I’ve caught Second Sock Syndrome. I’m about a quarter way down the cuff on the second Jaywalker, but I got distracted again.

I’ve wanted to make Glaistig for ages, but I’ve never gotten down to casting on. But in the interest of clearing out my stash, I buckled down and settled in to the madness of 1×1 rib forever and ever amen.

Now I have a pretty hat.


Total time to make: About 3 days of solid, dedicated work. Took up almost two skeins of the yarn.

I’ve had these three balls of Mission Falls superwash merino in my stash for, like, a year now and figured it was about time I used them. The hat is so so so soft and I love wearing it (how dumb is it that I think it goes with my hair?), but damn that is a lot of 1×1 rib. I’d totally make it again in a more colorful color…but not any time soon…too much 1×1 rib…

Have I mentioned I don’t want to do any more 1×1 rib?

While on the subject of hats, I’ve had an idea for a hat for awhile, but I still need to work out the bugs. I think it’ll even make use of the Cascade 220 I’ve had sitting around. This is so exicting! Not only am I starting to use up the stuff that’s been sitting in my stash, but I’m also starting to come up with ideas of my own away from pre-written patterns!

Lastly, on the subject of the Puff Sleeve Cardigan there’s good news. My LYS is getting in more of the Rowan Pure Wool DK not only in my color, but also in my dye lot! I’m so stoked to finish it now. It’s already shaping up to be the best looking garment I’ve made in my time knitting.


One comment

  1. That is adorable. I like it in sleek black.

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