July 5, 2007

Sock madness has hit.

I’ve already turned the heel on the Jaywalkers I started a couple days ago and I’m already wondering which socks to make next. I think I get the appeal of sock knitting now: It’s fast, it’s creative, it’s functional, and it’s a whole lot easier to haul around than a sweater in progress.


 I also took a little break from the sock making to make yet another project in the round. This one used stash, though, so it only kinda counts. Harry Potter day is coming up (day before my birthday) and I noticed that I have some leftover yellow yarn sitting around in my stash. Dug around for a bit of black, and a few hours of solid work later I have half a set of Hufflepuff mitts: 

❤ ❤ ❤

Just a little something to wear to pick up my books and show my pride in being part of the official “Red Shirt Squad” of the Harry Potter Universe. I also like that it makes my hand look like the back end of a bee…BUT! I could even wear these things around outside of a Harry Potter context since no one would be able to guess they were a little fandom thingy. Non-fans probably don’t think about the good-natured Badgers all that much.

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