A big bag of fail

July 3, 2007

Well this hasn’t worked out at all.

 I was all set to have the Puff Sleeve cardigan done today but for one thing….I’m somehow one skein short. I have enough to finish this sleeve, but probably not the second. The button band is out of the question. I just hope that the yarn store has some more of that color. I can fudge the sleeves and make the button band a different color…but I don’t really want to, ya know? In spite of all this, the cardigan itself looks really really cute. Exactly what I wanted. But now I’m going to be begging for that one last skein when i ought to be attaching buttons….

 So I ran in to that wall last night, but still wanted to knit. Clearly I turned to one of my secondary projects, the Hedera socks I’ve been making. The yarn itself (Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in Jungle Stripe) is really crazy and the sock itself looked like a acid trippy Rorshac Test or Magic Eye Pattern.

I decided to see just how far I had left to go by trying them on…They didn’t fit. At all. And the pattern of the yarn just made my foot look stupid.

So after all that effort….I frogged the sock. I think the pattern for Jaywalkers will do a lot more justice to the yarn, but still two bad breaks in one night? That’s damned frustrating.


And of course the yarn store is closed until the 10th…I cannot even begin to express how frustrated I am. I tried to console myself by starting on my original design sweater, but it’s not helping. Frankly I’m having more fun with the new sock. The Jaywalkers pattern is very easy, but also has some interest to it. That’s a good thing going for this day. That and I got the buttons for the Puff Sleeved cardigan that I will finish someday….


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