June 26, 2007

Well the good news is that I’m finally past the yolk on the Femenine Puff-Sleeved Cardigan. It looks pretty good so far and, as best I can tell, fits under my arms. So now that I got past the Raglan Increases of Doom, clearly I pushed through to the body section and waist shaping, right?

 NOPE! I got totally sidetracked on, of all things, my extremely long term project that I plan to complete some time between the next ice age and the Second Coming: Lizard Ridge.

I plan on accumulating the Kuyeron for Lizard Ridge slowly over time so the cost is more reasonable. Like, if I’m shopping at a store that carries it, I’ll grab a skein. I love how crazy the blanket is to look at and always like a nice, homemade blanket.

The panels are so long! I thought they were going to be so much smaller. I’ll bet when finished it’ll cover a bed! Now I’m super excited about making the blanket. Gotta reign that in though since I have so much else to do before I can devote real time to this beast.

Since there’s so much stockinette in my future, it’s nice to have a side project going on at the same time just in case I go through a phase where I can’t even look at my cardigan but still want to knit. The short rows are a lot of fun, and I’m so easily distracted that the colorways of the Kuyeron manage to trick me in to thinking I’m not doing the same 12 rows over and over again.


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