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June 26, 2007

I finally have something that seems to merit a knitting blog. I recently discovered the magic of the top-down-raglan sweater. This seems like the perfect way for me to get in to creating the kind of sweaters that I really want to knit for myself…
But GOD FORBID I start off easy. No no. For my first self designed sweater, I’m making a zip-front hoodie. The main body is a nice minty-green, and there will be a contrasting side stripe in a soft yellow. But again! Too easy! That contrasting strip will be decorated with this cable pattern. Also, I’m making it out of the super-affordable Knitpicks Merino style, so even if I completely fuck it up and end up with a three armed monstrosity, I’m only out like 20 bucks.
Knitting is one of the few crafty, creative things that I have any skill at all with. Knitting cable patterns is a bit tricky, but I seem capable of keeping my head on straight and just following the chart. I love the look and texture of cables, but quite frankly most cable knit sweaters look like large potato sacks. This is a way of adding a little cabling to something I’m actually going to wear.
I tested out the cable already and it’s not too far out there that I’m going to screw up on it when it’s show time. Take a look:

It’s got a nice level of complexity to it without making me want to stab myself. That’s a pretty good likeness of the color, as well. I’m really excited to get started on this. I’ve almost got the math figured out, too.

BUT! First I need to finish the puff-sleeve cardigan I’m working on. I just need two more raglan increase sets and I can finally get to work on the body. I hope those will be done by tomorrow if not tonight.


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